At Surveying The Bay we are often asked to “Just make it happen, deal with Council and my solicitor, and do whatever else needs to be done – but keep me informed of progress and ensure I have input where it’s important”. This request nicely summarises how we like to work when it comes to urban subdivision.

Subdivision is our speciality and Surveying the Bay has only ever had one subdivision application declined. We have been involved in many projects in Hawke’s Bay ranging from 2 to around 200 lots. Please refer to our projects list for details of some of the higher profile examples.

Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Coastal subdivisions are all classed as “Urban”. Normally such subdivisions take place on land zoned for these purposes and the subdivision and development processes are relatively straightforward, focusing on providing appropriately shaped lots along with access and services to Councils standards.

Generally the larger or more intensive the subdivision, the more complex the subdivision consenting and development processes will be. However the need to apply attention to detail and to work closely with our clients and all other parties involved is common to all subdivision work – if the potential of any particular parcel of land is to be optimised.

Can I subdivide? Freehold, Unit Titles or cross lease? What are the yard requirements? Will planning or legislative changes impact on my proposal? Is fire rating an issue? How wide does my driveway need to be? What is the cost of subdividing? Will I need neighbour’s consents? How long does it take to subdivide my property? Such questions are common and the subdivision process can be daunting, confusing, and frustrating, even to the initiated. Our aim is to manage as much (or as little) of all associated processes so that the scary perception of subdivision held by so many is not matched by the experience of our clients.

For assistance with your subdivision:

Hastings, Havelock North, Clive, Whakatu – contact Andrew

Napier, Taradale, Bay View, Wairoa, Mahia and Mahanga – contact Guy

Waipukurau, Waipawa, Kairakau and throughout Central Hawke’s Bay – contact Hamish

Unit Title Subdivisions, Cross Lease Amendments, Cross Lease to Freehold conversions – contact Peter

Papakainga Development – Contact Hamish or Andrew

or simply Contact Us.

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