Surveying The Bay was involved in the latter stages of this successful subdivision in Martinborough. We see this development as an appropriate and well designed subdivision that enables residents to enjoy a rural residential lifestyle. Set on 34 hectares of rural land, Martinborough Estate has been designed to provide a park like setting which is in keeping with the rural character of the Martinborough landscape.

Covenants on all sections ensure that the quality of houses, landscaping and living environment is protected for all residents without being overly restrictive in terms of architectural style. The covenants have resulted in a varied built form which provides diversity and an element of uniqueness to each individual site.

The restriction of the building platform to specific areas of the sites, soft fencing covenants along with open space covenants which must be kept in mown grass or planted woodlands all add to a feeling of openness yet allow individual dwellings to retain their privacy.

Residents of this development love the ability to walk around the entire development through the woodlands and trails and report that the community atmosphere within the estate is very well alive. Overall it would seem that this development has resulted in delivering a sought after and enjoyable place to live and we congratulate the developers on the realisation of their vision.

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