Surveying The Bay is a progressive and vibrant land surveying organisation located in Hawke’s Bay.

The team at Surveying The Bay are passionate about good land development and recognised for our subdivision design and consultancy work. We believe improved land use results from good development.

Since its inception in October 2004, Surveying The Bay has played a significant role in shaping the land development sector in Hawke’s Bay. We undertake all forms of land surveying, resource management and land development engineering throughout the region.

Whether you are an experienced developer or subdividing your first section, we offer practical solutions to help make your project successful and stress-free.

From a new title for your section to a topographical site plan of your property, or any other survey requirement, we use the latest technology and personalised, innovative advice to deliver your desired result on time, at a reasonable cost.

Throughout Hawke’s Bay our development and surveying services include project management, engineering, resource management planning and urban design. We are experts in rural and urban subdivision, including Māori land partition, and specialists in computer drafting and searching of land and title records.

The Surveying The Bay team is led by founding directors Andrew Taylor, Guy Panckhurst and Peter. We are members of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors and Consulting Surveyors of New Zealand.

First Surveying Enquiry?

Call us today to make an enquiry.  We offer you a free one hour initial consultation.


We love rural and farm subdivisions and have lots of experience. From farm restructuring to lifestyle sites and farm parks our team can help.

Land Developer

Subdivisions are our specialty. We have been involved in many projects right across Hawke’s Bay. Talk to us today.

Maori Landowner

Papakainga is a traditional Maori approach to clustered living, typically located close to marae.

Land Professionals

Surveying The Bay is made up of an experienced team of professionals with a common vision.

Central Hawke's Bay

We work right around Central Hawke’s Bay on both rural and urban subdivisions.