Resource Management is integral to all planning or development projects.

Almost any development of your land will require some form of consent under the Resource Management Act.

Surveying The Bay offers comprehensive services to ensure the right information is provided for consents, applications or any aspect of resource management compliance. Keeping up-to-the-minute with planning legislation and local authority regulations, we specialise in preparing consent applications for subdivisions and other land uses, whether complying with the rules of your district plan or not.

We steer you through the process end-to-end – there is no point in performing preliminary surveying, design and mapping if your development proposal cannot gain the consents it needs to proceed. And there is no point in having a consent with unworkable conditions that can’t be implemented – which can happen if a project is not well-managed through the council process.

Our expertise encompasses complying and non-complying subdivision applications, land-use consents, water rights, storm water discharge consents and earthworks consents.

  • We advise on interpretation of district and regional council plans, perform assessments of environmental effects, and complete scoping reports for new development proposals.
  • We contribute not only to the efficiency of consent and construction processes, but advise on a large range of stand-alone resource management and planning consents and policy issues.
  • We help the public and decision-makers, planners, designers, stakeholders and contractors to better understand and manage land-based resources sustainably.
  • We closely monitor and engage in policy reviews and proposed plan changes, scrutinising the effect on our clients and the greater public good.
  • Surveying The Bay makes submissions to councils as a service to the community as well as our clients.

Balancing our clients’ aspirations with resource management policy objectives is the role of the resource management professional, and Surveying The Bay has the expertise and profile to ensure your project has the best chance of approval.

Andrew Taylor or Guy Panckhurst are happy to discuss your project in a no-obligation consultation, so contact us to talk about your project.

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