Rural subdivision projects are some of the most sought after by our surveyors because working in the countryside is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job.

These surveys may involve farm restructuring, such as selling land to a neighbour, or splitting a large farm into smaller units.

Rural surveys can also involve creating “lifestyle” sites, which are isolated sections capable of containing a residential dwelling, but located in the rural environment.

The most complex rural subdivisions are known as “Farm Parks”, where multiple lifestyle sites are created within a carefully designed layout. Further subdivision of the balance area is prohibited.

Every District Plan treats rural land differently, and allow varying amounts of subdivision depending on the particular issues in the locality. These issues might relate to high levels of erosion or instability, significant landscapes or particularly fertile soils.

Every subdivision is unique, but the most common considerations for rural subdivisions relate to providing access, confirming stable building platforms, mitigating adverse effects, and demonstrating that the on-going management of balance farm areas will not be affected.

Surveying The Bay has completed large numbers of rural subdivisions in all areas from Tararua District to Gisborne. We understand all the District Plans and their requirements for subdivision. We also understand the requirements of farm management.

If you want to receive the best plain talking advice, and have your project completed by professionals who are experts in rural subdivision, please contact us for a free consultation. We would love to talk to you.


Farm Parks