At Surveying The Bay, we have only ever had one subdivision application declined.

Subdivision is our primary focus, and we specialise in projects located in Napier, Hastings, Havelock North and the wider Hawke’s Bay region. Our grasp of council requirements has given us our enviable track record.

Even the simplest subdivision requires skilful management to prevent any surprises, which can make the project more time-consuming, stressful and expensive.

The team at Surveying The Bay will manage your project from concept through to the issue of new titles, working with all relevant parties to ensure a successful development.

Involving us at the start of the project is significantly more cost-effective than at any other stage. We’ll identify and avoid the frustrating delays and escalating costs that can kill projects.

In the lead consultant role, we will navigate seamlessly all issues from land law to planning rules, layout design to engineering, and ensure the project stays on target. We work closely with other consultants when additional expertise is required.

Once consent is granted, we advise you on managing the subdivision within the consent conditions and all other relevant regulations, so titles can issue without delay.

Our driving philosophy of respect for the land means we measure the success of a subdivision not purely in terms of development profitability, but by how we feel when we visit these places after our involvement has finished.

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