At Surveying The Bay our passion for the land includes roads that give physical access, the servicing infrastructure such as water and electricity, and drains that dispose of stormwater and wastewater. Not only do we design lot layouts, but also the civil engineering work required to construct the subdivision – whether a simple right of way, or complex greenfields subdivision.

We have considerable professional experience including design, approval, contract preparation, tendering, contract administration and final certification of major projects. Some of us have even driven motor scrapers and gained valuable experience about building subdivisions from a contractor’s perspective.

Often developments require other specialist consultants to provide advice on issues such as ground stability, traffic effects and possible soil contamination. If this is the case, we have the professional contacts and work closely with the right consultants to ensure our clients receive value for money, and get the required result.

Being involved in and understanding the vision, layout and engineering aspects of the project allow us to view the development holistically, and focus on the issues important to our clients.

One of our particular passions is low-impact development whereby the design seeks to minimise impact on the environment. This also aligns well with accepted good urban design and the Urban Design Protocol, to which Surveying The Bay has been a signatory since 2005.

Low-impact development might involve the design of narrower roads, specific stormwater detention features to reduce stormwater effects, or structures to reduce sediment and pollutant runoff. It may require the design of better and more useable open spaces by integrating the engineering requirements of the subdivision with the passive amenity requirements of local residents. Design such as this requires a comprehensive overview of what is trying to be achieved, not purely engineering requirements.

Surveying The Bay have the expertise to achieve the best result for our clients because we have a broad understanding of all the desirable attributes of quality developments. We also understand the requirements of Council’s and are able to negotiate on behalf of our clients to achieve not only cost effective and good engineering solutions, but ones that are acceptable to Council.

Our values require us to respect the land and facilitate improved land use through good development. We think our clients want that too.

If you have any queries about land development engineering please contact us to talk with Guy Panckhurst, or Hamish MacLean.